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The Game Ready technology also offers convenience for its users. The complete kit is portable and can operate off GEARING UP FOR THE BIG GAME…AND MORE Where cold packs and ice packs offer limited flexibility, Game Ready’s advanced injury treatment system allows you to control temperature and levels of compression. HEALTH AND MEDICINE 8 of a battery pack, so it can be used on the field, in the car, on the bus, or on an airplane. Because the system is easier to apply, more comfortable, and less messy than ice packs, athletes and patients are more likely to comply with their rehabilitation programs.
Honored as an inductee of the U.S. Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame and recognized by the American Astronautical Society as “one of the true fathers of the space suit,” Bill Elkins spent years conducting extensive research on clothing technology for hostile environments while he served as a NASA contractor at Ames Research Centre. During the Apollo era, Elkins assisted Ames investigators in the development of a liquid-cooled garment to protect astronauts from extreme temperatures on the Moon. The garment successfully maintained the astronauts’ body temperatures at a comfortable level by utilizing a battery-powered mini-pump to circulate chilled water through a network of tubes lining the garment.
In June 2002, the Cool Systems team introduced its first product, the Game Ready™ Accelerated Recovery System, which combines space suit technology, medical research, and sports savvy to speed up the healing of athletic and post-operative injuries. Using patented ergonomic wraps and an adjustable control unit, the Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System is the first sports therapy product on the market to simultaneously provide deep tissue cooling therapy and intermittent compression, according to the company.


Peter Millett, MD, MSc, The Steadman Clinic